Internet Time Wasters: November 2014 Edition

A barely curated list of things that have distracted me from doing more important things this month:

1.  Lindsey Buckingham Meets Soul Train

Not unlike that first Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups commercial (see below), the combination of Beach Boys’ acolyte Lindsey Buckingham’s layered California pop and the grooviest studio audience of all time is a strange pairing that kind of works, yet feels so wrong.

Then again, Lindsey always did rock an excellent ‘fro.

2.  Vintage Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Commercial

I love that the internet has preserved the evidence of life in the early 80s.  The Walkman was so new that people couldn’t walk down the street and listen to music on their headphones without bumping into each other.  We were so deprived of suitable snack foods that people walked down the street eating peanut butter out of a jar.  With iPods and Beats headphones, we may not look all that different walking down the street now than we did in the 80s.  But, thanks to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (to say nothing of Reese’s Pieces and those portable pouches of peanut butter), we don’t have to lug whole jars of peanut butter around with us for snacking anymore.

3.  “The Knowledge”

This article on the herculean task of acquiring “The Knowledge” and joining the ranks of official British black taxis is both absorbing and poignant.  One can only hope that the devotion of these drivers will somehow overcome the onslaught of GPS.  Yet, I have to admit, I’ve been loathe to get into a black cab when in London because of the cost.

4.  Back to Walnut Grove

I am really looking forward to reading the new unedited (ok, maybe less edited) version of Little House on the Prairie.  I suspect there will be fewer shirtless Michael Landon moments than there were on the TV show.

5.  Kiesza, “What is Love”

I never thought it would be possible to un-see the Jim Carrey/Will Farrell/Chris Kattan take on Haddaway’s “What is Love?” or to take the song seriously ever again.  But Kiesza’s mournful piano cover of the song brings out the emotion in a song that had long been consigned to the novelty bin.


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