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Rewind: Fleetwood Mac, “It Takes Time”

Known for his dense, sunny arrangements of Fleetwood Mac’s romantic turmoil, Lindsey Buckingham contributed this plaintive piano ballad to the band’s 2013 iTunes-only EP, Extended Play.  A self-proclaimed stylist and studio rat, Buckingham has regularly infused both his contributions to Fleetwood Mac albums and solo output with his signature layered, guitar-laden production.

In some ways, “It Takes Time” is a radical departure for Lindsey Buckingham, a rare piano track adorned only with a delicate string arrangement.  Yet, the raw emotion of the track is classic Buckingham.  While the personal mythology of Stevie Nicks and the feel-good love songs of Christine McVie may have garnered them bigger hits, Buckingham’s heartfelt and direct lyrics, from “Go Your Own Way” to his still-modern contributions to Tusk, have always revealed him as the band’s beating, and often broken, heart.

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Stepping Onto The Conveyor Belt in Cappadocia

My favorite ride at Disneyworld was always been the WEDway PeopleMover[1], a slow moving conveyor belt of carts, taking guests from one end of Tomorrowland to the other, hopefully narrating the future that never was along the way.  There was something comforting about a ride where there were no lines, and all you had to do was sit back and watch the story unfold in front of you, in the capable disembodied hands of the voiceover-guide.

When I planned to spend 36 hours in Cappadocia at the end of a recent trip to Greece and Turkey, the last thing I expected to be reminded of was an amusement park ride I last took more than a decade ago.  Yet, after experiencing the highly efficient tourist conveyor belt in Cappadocia, I half expected my trip to end watching an animatronic family discussing their flying cars.[2]  Nevertheless, even on a tight schedule, Cappadocia is well worth (even a short) visit.

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